4th Math VAVA

4th Grade Math Practice for VAVA Students

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Transformations Probability Probability Probability Line Graphs Line Graphs 2 LIne Graphs Bar Graphs Bar Graphs 2 Bar Graphs Elapsed Time Math 4 Study Island Place Value StudyJams: Order Whole Numbe... Addition with Regrouping Division Patterns Equivalent Fractions Equivalent Fractions GCF +/- Fractions Like Denominat... StudyJams: Decimal Place Val... Compare Decimals StudyJams +/- Decimals Khan Academy Brain Pop: Place Value Compare Numbers Addition Geometric Patterns Equivalent Fractions LCM + Fractions Unlike Denominat... Decimal Models Ordering Decimals Adding Decimals Math CC Attendance Survey Study Jams: Place Value Estimate Sums Addition Word Problems Division Practice Mixed Patterns Equivalent Fractions (2) StudyJams: Compare Fractions Compare Fractions - Fractions Unlike Denominat... Decimals in Words Compare Decimals 2 Subtracting Decimals Polygon Transformations Rounding Estimate Quotients Subtraction
Video: + Fractions Decimal Place Value Ordering Decimals Adding Decimals Congruent/Transformations StudyJams: Estimate Sums/Di... Rounding Subtraction Word Problems Division Subtracting Fractions Rounding Decimals Order Decimals 2 Subtracting Decimals Polygons StudyJams: Estimate Estimate Differences Multiplication Facts to 12 Division: Partial Quotient Study Jams: Number Patterns Patterns: Equivalent Fractio... StudyJams:Compare MixedNumbe... Compare Fractions 2 Convert Fractions to Decimals Rounding Decimals StudyJams: Compare Money Word Problems +/- Decimals Types of Lines Estimate Products Estimation Word Problems Multiplication (Double Digit) Study Jams: Division StudyJams: Geometric Patter... Simplifying Fractions Adding Fractions Order Fractions Convert Decimals to Fractions Rounding Decimals StudyJams: Equiv Fractions/D... Add 3 or More Decimals Types of Lines Associative Property x Associative Property + Numeric Patterns Word Proble... Practical Problems Practical Problems II StudyJams:Equivalent Fractio... StudyJams: +/- Fractions StudyJams: +/- Fractions Rounding Decimals Practice Rounding Decimals Capacity Video Capacity Quiz StudyJams Types of Lines Weight and Mass StudyJams Measurement Measurement StudyJams Length StudyJams Length 2 Compare & Convert Customary Compare & Convert Metric Uni... Using Inch Ruler Capacity Lines, Segments, Rays Geometry: Lines