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Harvey How so you lock your mix like you did. I have so much work now I I want to protect it and share. Also if it is locked can I as the owner of the mix still add delete and edit? 2014-12-05
Harvey I see a pad lock beside several mixes. I can use those but can not change them. I wish to be able to share mine without any one but me being able to change it. I see a pad lock beside the unchangeable ones. I wish to have mine the same. 2015-02-20
Tamara Fisher If you are logged in, you can still add, delete, & edit. You can share it by clicking the < shaped icon at the top. Be sure to copy/write the address (URL) that it gives you so you can remember it! I'm not sure what you mean about locking it...? 2014-12-08
Harvey This took a lot of work and is well done. Both my daughter and son in law are teachers and I sent this resource to them both. I am sure it will be a great help. I am an education nut specializing in health and this mix was too good to turn down. 2014-11-04
Tamara Fisher Thank you! 2014-11-10