RV ~ Neutral Defense

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Defense: Circle to Trail Leg 1st Line (Head) Standing Single Leg Defense 2nd Line (Hands) Single Leg Defense High Crotch Defense 3rd Line (Hips) Whizzer Shot Defense Leg-Attack Defense Dump when stuck under Sprawl Pass-By to Ankle Pick Single Leg Sprawl Leg-Attack Defense Repetition Standing Granby Kick Out Defense
Funk Roll T~Rex (Part-1) Mule Kick Abas Roll T-Rex (Part 2) Headlock Defense T-Rex (Part -3) Clear Front Headlock T-Rex (Part 4) Defend Revers... Wrist Control Clearing Ties Responsive Hand Fighting Clear Collar Tie (Knock-off) Front Headlock Clear Elbow Defend Collar Tie (Push-in) Heavy Hands Clear Collars Clear Post Clear Underhook Clear Wrist (Steiner) Post Counter Defending Underhook Defend the Russian