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Reading Tracks Discover the magic of words .. NF Features to Locate and Un.. Etymology Genre Study NF Text feature review Closely Read to Comprehend 3.. RA 1 intro for 3rd gr Shades of Meaning Extending the Experience RA 2 Getting the Gist for 3r..
Audio recording for listenin.. Literature Prose and Poetry .. RA 3 Characters Setting Plot.. Print or Digital? Author's Purpose Research Basics and Digital .. Responding to text for 3rd RA 5 Text Structures Drama 3.. Responding to NF text for 3r.. Planning An Essay Response Close Reading Intro Audio recording for listenin.. Writing a paragraph How To Plan/Write A Paragraph Close Reading w/ Iceberg text Using iMotion for stop actio.. Picture Book Project researc.. Paragraph Reinforcement Less.. Connections Across Texts Researching with a Google Do.. Creepy Carrots Picture Book .. Comparing Poetry Elements Tall Tales & Character Traits My Brother Martin Text