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Verb to be verb have got affirmative some/any Vocabulary - Classroom prepositions of time 2 position of freq.adverbs Test jobs - occupations 2 question words 2 prepos. of place ON, AT, IN pres. simple vs. pres. conti... food 1 comparatives - superlatives 2 comparatives - superlatives 2 List of Irregular verbs past simple affirmat. 2 Past Simple Exercises to pri... Test - past continuous should / shouldn't 2 future - be going to 2 Vocabulario en inglés - audio Living English - video 1 verb TO BE verb have got aff/negative a/an some/any classroom objects Video 1 - Living English position of freq. adverbs Adjectives question words 3 Prepositions of place in Spa... pres. simple or continuous food 2 comparatives Test - comparat. superlatives List of Irregular verbs - pdf past simple affirmat. 3 Past Simple Ex. to print 2 modal verbs - offers/ reques... future - be going to 3 Present Perfect Form posessive adjectives video 1 verb to be form verb Be or Have got How much/ How many classroom language freq. adverbs/time expressio... present simple affirmative question words 4 prepositions of place pres. simple or continuous 2 Diccionarios de Español, Ing... comparatives 2 Too - enough Test - Irregular verbs irregular verbs affirmative modal verbs Test - can / must Test - be going to Usos del Present Perfect 1 personal pronouns verb to be affirmative Test - have got How much- How many formation of plural Test - frequency adverbs present simple affirmative 2 present simple questions
Too - enough Test - Irregular verbs 2 irregular verbs negative past continuous modal verbs can/can't Test - modal verbs future - present continuous Usos del Present Perfect 2 subj. obj. pronouns video 1 verb to be aff/negat There is/are was/were Test a/an,some/any,How much/ formation of plural jobs - occupations present simple affirmative 3 present simple questions 2 Too - enough 2 past simple affirmat. past simple past continuous aff/negat must - mustn't Future - will future - present continuous Usos del Present Perfect 3 subject object pronouns 2 verb to be interrogative there is/are Possessive adjectives formation of plural 2 jobs - occupation 2 present simple negative present simple questions 3 Test - prepositions of place pres. simple or continuous 3 food 3 Test - comparatives Test - Past Simple past continuous modal verbs - must/mustn't future - will future - conteni2 TO BE ( PRESENT SIMPLE) present perfect Test - verb to be countable/ uncountable Possessives - Exercises Test - formation of plural pres. simple grammar referen... jobs - occupations present simple negative 2 pres. simple or continuous 4 Test - food superlative Past simple was-were Test Past Simple 2 past simple vs. continuous modal verbs - can / have to future - will 2 Test - pres. cont/be going to 4 ESO English present simple- TEST veb have got countable - uncountable Test - Possess. adject. Prepositions: How to use IN,... adverbs of frequency jobs - occupations 2 present simple negative 3 test - present simple present continuous bbc video Test - present continuous Test - food 2 Test - superlatives -ed pronounciation and pract... Test - Past Simple 3 past simple vs. continuous 2 must/mustn't/can/have to future - be going to Test - pres.cont/be going to... Reaeding-Listening 1 verb have got a/an the Grammar notebook prepositions of time IN,ON,AT adverbs of frequency 2 Test jobs - occupations question words test - present simple 2 present continuous Test - present continuous 2 comparatives and superlatives comparatives - superlatives Past Simple verb TO BE- theo... past simple affirmat. Past Simple conteni2 past simple vs. continuous 3 should / shouldn't future - be going to Test - Future (3) Reading-Listening 2 alejandroporrasmunoz