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About this webmix : scratch how to vidros
Created by Doris Spencer
Scratch Basics Paint Editor Events Blocks Blue Motion Blocks Control Blocks Remix Blue Motion Blocks Sensing Blocks Task Cards/w video Game Play Sprites Operators Task Cards/w Video Game Play Make Scratch A Better Place 1 Looks Blocks Make a Block
How to make a countdown time.. Make Scratch A Better Place 2 Sound Blocks Backdrop/Stage Make Scratch A Better Place 3 Pen Blocks Scratch Videos Help Data/Variables More help videos BES Kids Tutorials Variables on Scratch Video Updates Mj's Helpful Studio Record Project Backpack Gravity: MJ's Tips and Trick.. Creating a Rainbow Track: MJ.. Timer! Blinking Effect: Tips and Tr.. Pong AI :: Tricks and Tips o.. Mouse Pointer! on Scratch Smoke Effect Stamp & Cloning :: Tricks an..

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