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About this webmix : Videos on how to use Scratch
last updated at: Jul 2, 2013 10:57:29 PM



Created by Doris Spencer

North Carolina,

Backpack Motion: Part 1 Make your sprite dance Motion: Part 2 Dance Add Sound to Sprite Moving Sprites Looks: Part 1 Remix Operators: Part 1 Make your sprite move forwar.. Looks: Part 2 Sequences Operators: Part 2 Control: Part 1 Using the mouse and keys to .. Switching Costumes
Make your sprite follow the .. Control: Part 2 Events Make your sprite follow the .. Make your sprite change color Cloning Broadcasting Sprite: Part 1 How to Create a Sprite and U.. Loops Using Broadcast Sprite: Part 2 Sound Conditionals Parallelism Make your sprite spin Sound Editor Backdrop: Part 1 Variables Sensing: Part 1 Using Sounds in Scratch Backdrop: Part 2 Pen Tool Variables Sensing: Part 2 Switching Backdrops Using the Pen Tools Variables Make your sprite spin when y.. Drawing with Circles Lists Make your sprite jump when y.. Cloud Variables Make a Block Switching Backdrops

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