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About this webmix : ESL: Games, songs, animation, stories, videos for kids
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Classroom Verbs What's this? - Story Hello! - Song Stand Up, Sit Down Book, bag, window & door Greetings School Vocabulary Four Rabbits The Rainbow Song My Schoolbag Shake Shake Shake What's your name? Ben and Bella - Colors
Talking Flashcards Five Little Monkeys Monkey Face What's Your Name? Monsters When You're Dancing Hello My name's ... Little Red Riding Hood Colors Bus My name's Phonics Song I've got green eyes Games Surprise 1 Picture Dictionary Trick or Ttreat Songs Surprise 1 Happy Birthday The Sun Comes Up Another Halloween Halloween Glog Stories Surprise 1 How Many? - Song Halloween Dictionary Halloween Webmix Christmas GLOG Go Away! Halloween Glog Halloween Flashcards Christmas Webmix Interactive Phonetic
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